video, color, sound, 30 minutes, 2012



     Midcentury is a compilation of works originally commissioned for the 53rd Venice Biennale, reworked for the 57th Oberhausen Film Festival, then reworked again for a solo exhibition at White Cube in London.  Its form mimics that of a network’s broadcast day, condensed to a half hour.  Though Midcentury contains no first person narration, it can be considered an autobiography of sorts: the work of a hyperactive child who grew up in an industrial wasteland during the Cold War and watched far too much television.  The compilation includes:

Aggressive Child

Coup d’état


Magenta Rolls

More British Sounds

The National Anthem

No Product, #1-7

Youngstown/Steel Town

as well as statements by David Sarnoff, Herbert Read, J. Robert Oppenheimer, James Bryant Conant, Walter Reuther, and Harry Pollitt.