sequence of digital files, color, silent, 12 minutes and 29 seconds, looped, 2011



     Maneuver is derived from four shots of a Soviet film called Heirs of Victory (1975) which commemorates the Allied triumph over fascism in World War II.  The original film celebrates the military might of the USSR in images of explosions and armed men leaping through flames.  These images are subjected to such thorough manipulation that they become patterns flickering like a multitude of abstract paintings, with digital smears standing in for squeegee marks and brush strokes.  Slowly the shots become less abstract until they are completely recognizable, though still somehow rather surreal.  Then the entire sequence begins to play backwards, with the images collapsing once more into abstraction.


The Soviet Army Prepares for Action in Afghanistan

sequence of digital files, color, sound, 2 minutes and 55 seconds, 2011

     The theatrical, sound version of Maneuver, this film is the same footage three times faster, with a music track added.